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vintage Jenny Holzer patches

"And, when in the lecture, please avoid distracting others by fidgeting, talking, texting or fiddling with the person next to you (it happens - I once had to ask a young lady to remove her finger from the nostril of the young gentleman sitting next to her as, although he seemed to appreciate it being there, I was finding it made it very hard for me to concentrate on Dryden…). But you all know all of this, of course, so I don’t need to go on.”
— e-mail from one of the English Literature lecturers on lecture etiquette 


Carmelita Mendes by Paulo Vainer for Plastic Dreams Magazine S/S 2015.


Me and you raisonerted

yes but in reality i end up with a old sexy rich man  

Imposing myself on people as a means of making friends.


what have I become.



“على هذه الأرض ما يستحقّ الحياة”

Viva Palestina


Jenny Holzer

Egon Schiele, Zwei liegende Figuren, 1912

i want to do part-time work so i can do some guilt-free spending on unnecessary grocery shopping……………………………… 


1968 Škoda 1000MB